Saturday, September 12, 2009

Long time no...type?

Hey, so it's been a long time. Sorry. Let me just start out by's late and I'm tired. "Why don't you go to sleep?" you may be thinking to yourself. And....I wish that I a good reason. Okay, so some good news first. My oldest sister Tam is coming out here next month with my 3 nieces! One of whom I've not yet had the privilege to meet in person. I'm SO excited! And it even looks like I won't have to supplant myself from the basement! Other good news? Of course there is, do you even have to ask? This week two successful Relief Society activities went down. Yay!
Now for a funny story: Imagine yourself coming home at 11:38pm. The lights are out. Mom and Dad are in bed, because it's late and they have church tomorrow early. You walk through the sticky death-trap that is your front porch (has like 10 too many spiderwebs on it. Mom and Dad like to keep them for bug control...or so they say...), and are grateful as ever that you entered the house without a melee of spiders falling on you (stop and shudder here). You close the front door, and try to lock it quietly, because you know Mom and Dad are asleep upstairs, and they sleep with their door open...and Dad wakes up when a mouse sneezes (not that we have mice in our house...I'm talking about that house down the block, you know the one). :) The stupid door won't lock though, so you're trying to put your weight upon it so that the stupid lock will go in. It's also difficult because in your other hand you're holding a giant pizza box. Finally you give up, deeming that 7/8 ths of the lock should be good enough to deter any potential burglar... Whatever, you're tired. So your next task is to put the huge pizza box in the fridge. So, you walk into the living room in the dark (praying that the surround speaker was put away...otherwise it'll be a loud crash, and a PERMANENT removal from the will by dad), and turn on the kitchen light. You place your keys down on the half-wall, and walk over to the fridge, open it and shove the pizza box in. After some clever maneuvering you get the box in, close the Fridge and turn around to go downstairs. And there's someone on the couch. What! Your hear skips a beat, but don't worry, it's just dad... :) He smiles and says, "Hello." :) It was really funny, he said he didn't want to scare you, and he figured if he said anything that you'd jump and scream. You laugh and say, "I probably would have." In the back of your mind though, you're thinking, "man, at least I didn't do anything embarrassing! Okay, end of that I think about it, it wasn't that funny...only it was. Must be because I'm tired.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ah....I finally found something worth blogging about which are both too long to post on Facebook or to txt to anyone.... enjoy!

The swing story:
I was outside enjoying the beautiful weather (no really, it was really nice out yesterday) and I wanted to get on our tree swing. Mind you, I haven't been on it for a good while..since I was in...middle school-ish (my dad took it down for a loooong time (because it "killed the grass" to have us running and swinging on that area), and then finally buckled and put it back up for the grand kids a few years ago). The other thing to keep in mind is that I live on a hill, a pretty steep one at that. So I approached the swing uphill and looked at the swing (it's also a rope swing) and thought, "how am I going to get on? It's above my hip! do the kids get on??" So, I just grabbed the rope and jumped and pulled myself up with my arms and started swinging. My toes barely touched when I sung towards the house (which is uphill)... so I swung for a good little while. It was a ton of fun, and I felt like a kid again! Now for those of you who have had any fun on a rope swing you know you have to constantly use your arms to keep your balance. Not such a big deal when there's less of you...but as an can get tiring. So as I started thinking about getting off (I was getting dizzy) I realized there might be a slight problem.... my arms were tired, so pulling my whole weight up would be a challenge. (Not that that's an easy feat for me on a typical day!) And, if I lost my momentum....I wouldn't be able to touch the of the few times I curse being so short... (I know go ahead and laugh it up, all you tall or normal sized ppl!) Yet, if I had any momentum getting off without getting my legs tangled, pants ripped and falling would also be a challenge. So...I just kept swinging for a while longer. My mom came out and was like, "You're still swinging?' And I laughed and told her I thought I might be which she just chuckled, asked if I wanted her to come hold the swing for me, and when I refused turned to go back inside. So...I then decided I better just try it...and if I rip my pants of get splinters in my be it. So I....very ungracefully managed to get off the rope swing. (no ripped pants OR splinters) I was very proud of myself. :) It was difficult though... ;)

Me vs. my Dad
So today I had an interesting little run-in with my father. As we were driving home from the Albertson's home, he brought up the fact that my mother will be out of town all of next week. He then asks if I'm going to "take care"of him, if I was going to be home when he got home and make dinner for him. I told him I wasn't even going to pretend I knew if I was going to be home every night, and that no I wouldn't be cooking every night. He was shocked. I was shocked that he was shocked! I told him I'd make dinner a night or two, but that I wasn't going to cook all week! He then wanted to know why. I told him because I wasn't raised in his generation. (which I should have known better...that opened up the can of...trouble...something my dad wasn't prepared for...) He wanted to know what that meant. I told him it simply meant that because I'm a woman doesn't tie me to the kitchen to cook every night! He then told me that it's the Lord's way to Honor your which I replied, I DO honor my parents, but that still does not make it MY responsibility to cook for him every night! Here's the best part though. Through this whole discussion, we laughed (though we could both tell we were dead serious) and we ended it with a hug. But I KNOW I probably just "fell" in my father's estimation as being a good obedient daughter. It's not that I mind making him dinner, and most definitively would and will help my parents when I's just that it irritated me because it expected was of me because I'm female. That hit a nerve. Still does! Funny follow up is that when my mom came home just a few minutes ago he was talking to her about it... and I overheard them. Like I said, I was raised in a different generation (example: it's a pet peeve of mine when women do all the cooking AND dishes afterward, and the husband just sits around and relaxes...I know he probably just is tired, but I can GUARANTEE the woman is just as tired!). Oh well. I still love my parents, but this is one thing that I have a strong opinion on. Just because I'm female, and my father's daughter...doesn't mean I'm obligated to cook for him every night. He's a grown man, for pete's sake, and should be able to take care of himself! BUT, because I love him so much, I will make dinner... (let me put as a side note that I think it's different for a wife. She does have certain responsibilities, but I'm nobodies wife....just a daughter!) that I've vented a wee bit.... Um, I love you Dad! You are amazing, but you pushed a "button" tonight.

Monday, July 20, 2009

getting to knoooow me! Getting to know all about me!

Okay.... so I've tried to post several times... and each time I get halfway through I think, "Self, this is one is going to want to read this!" Sooooo, if you are reading's a small miracle. So I've been trying to figure out what in the world I should write about! I figured maybe I should write a bit about me... so...... with out further ado.... I present: Me, Myself and I!

Some pet peeves....
It drives me NUTS when people talk during a movie! When I sit down to watch something....I want to watch it, and then I'm distracted by people talking or ... doing something... it drives me NUTS! :)
My number ONE pet peeve is when people are disrespectful to others. This one really chaps my Hyde! Grrr, it irritates me to NO end! (Example: when people talk during a lesson...)

If you ever want to know when I'm irritated....listen for the big sighs... I have inherited this from my father (although I must add that sometimes i just sigh...even when i'm not irritated...they sound different though...). It is lovingly called the Brailsford Sigh...and it's real. Back off if you get the sigh... and if I ever turn silent (more so than usual).

Ummmmmm, what else about me? I'm 25, single and loving it! I would REALLY like to date though. I am planning, upon my return to MO, to go out and convert all of the young men my age though (watch out boys)! I believe this is mostly because I had the opportunity to be in a Single's ward today in Vegas....and there were SO many guys! I must admit I was jealous. Okay....confession time. I have to award the few of you who have taken time out of your day to read my blog with something!

..........(drumroll please)............

About 2 months ago, I signed up for LDS singles. Something I swore I would never do. I believe this decision was made out of frustration. Why, you may ask? I had a guy friend visiting my house (JUST a friend) and we went and visited all the church sites around my house. Because...we're friends! NOTHING more. I should have known better. EVERY place we went to assumed we were married, or engaged or seriously dating..... I don't really get it. I could understand if we were close to eachother, or acted at all interested in eachother...but neither of us hold any kind of those feelings towards the other...we never had/have. It should have been pretty obvious by the LACK of ring that we weren't engaged....or by our demeanor. Anyways.....that's not my story...for today at least.... Anyways, it got pretty annoying pretty quick. So one night, while he was over (I believe it was after going through church at my home ward.... BIG mistake!) I was fed up with the whole situation...and that somehow led me to sign up for LDSsingles... Okay, so I haven't been on there for over a month, but the last time I checked.... I think like 16 people had looked at my profile. Here comes the good part... about 9 of them were 40+ years old! I have to admit I was a little creeped out by that.... And it's probably why I haven't really been back to it since! :) I mean.... seriously.... :) I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to be single the rest of my life! Bonzai! I love it though, and am VERY excited to progress in my career and hopefully be able to afford my own next year! Okay, I've rambled on forever, I'll let you go. Hope you learned...or at least chuckled at something on my really long post....

Hey, I'm still trying to figure this whole blog thing out!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Okay, so for all of you who have the great fortune of reading my blog....welcome! (aka Candice...) Um....since I'm not quite sure how this works, I'll start out with a story...nah...just kidding. I'm drawing a blank. I wanted to write something funny and witty....but then I thought, "Self, no one is gonna read this blog...except maybe Candice...and she already knows how weird you are...." And then my self-esteem was deflated. :) And just in case you were wondering....I am kind of just searching for ways to fill in space. And this is exactly why I don't know if I'll keep up a blog...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009